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Roccat Torch Microphone Review

Roccat Torch Microphone Review

As a podcaster, gamer, video creator, and someone who just uses the internet to communicate with friends, a good quality microphone is a must. Heck, if I was only one of those it would be a must! The USB cable on my old microphone had been playing up for a while, so I was eager to check out the ROCCAT Torch microphone when it was announced. I’ve been using a ROCCAT wireless mouse for almost two years now, so I’m a fan of the brand.

In the box, you get the ROCCAT Torch, the mixer stand, two USB-C to USB-C cables, one USB-C to USB-A cable, and a quick start guide. The two C-to-C cables are different lengths, as they’re required to connect the microphone to the mixer, which connects to your PC. If you’ve got the microphone attached to a boom arm, you need the longer cable. When just standing on your desk you use the shorter one.

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Everything is solidly built, with the mixer’s two dials and gain slider securely attached and moving without issue. The dial in the middle controls your system volume, and can mute the microphone if pressed. The dial on the left turns on the microphone, and selects which mode you want to put it in - Stereo, Cardioid or Whisper, all of which adjust how much of your surroundings it picks up. My favourite feature is the motion sensor on the top of the microphone, which mutes the microphone without using the noisy click of the dial. The distance for this sensor can be adjusted with a switch on the rear of the mixer, which also has a button to adjust the microphone’s LED brightness, and has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

According to the box, the ROCCAT Torch has 24-bit audio, zero latency output, and dual condenser capsules. Unfortunately, that all is meaningless to me, so don’t expect me to go in-depth and provide comparison graphs. All above my paygrade, I’m afraid, as is the fact that it’s compatible with a Turtle Beach Audio Hub. I figured I’d mention that stuff for audiophiles interested in knowing it, though.

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What I can tell you about this microphone, however, is that it sounds superb. My old microphone was decent, but I’m betting that ROCCAT’s claim of “studio quality” isn’t just bluster. It has an integrated pop filter - though I do still use a third-party one as well - and nobody has ever complained about peaks and pops.

I haven’t told you everything that the ROCCAT Torch mixer base does, yet. It claims to be anti-vibration, and as someone who’s usually fidgeting while talking, or moving the mouse to click on things, I believe it. My old microphone was attached to a boom arm, and I’d constantly hear when I was moving the desk. The Torch sitting attached to the ball joint on the mixer, however, doesn’t detect any of it. What’s more, it has a light on the front to tell you when you’re being picked up by a program. Of course, it doesn’t detect when you’re using push-to-talk, that’d be a big ask, but if you forget to leave a call on Discord, for instance, the little “Live” light will clue you in.

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I use the ROCCAT Torch primarily in Whisper mode. The microphone is about 40cm away from my face, and having it in either of the other modes will pick up noises in the house. I have four kids, so the house can be very noisy. Whisper mode, however, will only pick them up if they’re being super noisy, and I love it for that.

The ROCCAT Torch is fairly priced, especially for the quality, and a strong recommendation from me. It’s cheaper than my old one, better quality, and has more features. If you’re a gamer, podcaster or video creator, it’s definitely worth considering.


Roccat Torch Microphone Review

The ROCCAT Torch is fairly priced, especially for the quality and number of features, and a strong recommendation from me

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