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About Us

The trials and tribulations of GameOn/GameGrin

Below is an overview of the history of GameGrin, how it came to be and where it came from. With its roots deep into the core of gaming at a time before the internet was a viable gaming platform, GameGrin have constantly adapted to the change within the industry.

1997 - Lag Free Gaming

GameOn Networking Ltd was founded in 1997 by Steven and Linda, their motivation was passion for gaming and all that it encompasses. Their initial goal was to provide a “lag free” gaming environment for like minded people.

In the UK in 1997 online gaming was severely hampered by many factors but mainly the cost of a connection that provided the low latency needed for real-time gaming was far beyond the people who wanted to play online games. The time it takes for data to reach a point on the internet and then return depends on the speed of the connection.

The average connection in 1997 meant that more than a few seconds would pass before data could make the round trip, thus making real-time gaming difficult and annoying if not impossible for most gamers. Twelve months was spent researching and absorbing the knowledge it would take to setup a "lag free" gaming environment.

Over this period GameOn started to establish a community on which it could offer its "lag free" service. GameOn realised the communication power of the Internet and harnessed it for its own needs to provide an online portal where gamers could gather.

1998 - LAN Parties

November of 1998 saw GameOn run its first LAN party. It was a great success and motivated the GameOn team to provide more events for its growing community. As of October 2013 GameOn has organised over 80 events in the UK.

1999 - 2001 - "0845 GISP"

The dawn of 56k modems and 0845 saw GameOn serving its community as a GISP (Gaming Internet Service Provider), providing real-time gaming to many communities including the popular Half-Life modification Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, Quake III, Unreal Tournament and Half-Life Deathmatch. The GameOn team provided some of the best servers in the UK with strict rules and regulations with real-time moderation.

The GameOn network operations centre was manned 24/7 either in person or via remote. Only with its dedicated team could GameOn provide these unique services to the community. GameOn was also one of the GISP pioneers allowing members to book time on game servers for matches and private gaming sessions, a service that was provided free of charge.

2001 - GISP Service Retired

At the end of the 0845 boom GameOn made the reluctant decision of pulling the plug on the GISP because it was unable to support the cost without revenue from 0845.

2002 - New Online Infrastructure

GameOn researched and designed in-house a modular system for deploying websites and managing content, obviously the major initial modules were online booking, booking management, forum integration, news and announcements with a staged plan for many more modules.

2003 - 150 Player LAN Parties & Pre-Pay

In 2003 GameOn ran its first 150 player event with 100% customer satisfaction. A milestone that proves the hard work and commitment that has gone in to running LAN Parties. GameOn created its own bespoke online event pre-payment module to compliment its online booking module, another milestone achievement and addition the GameOn system.

2004 - Tournaments, Prizes & Qualifiers

GameOn created an online pre-event tournament module to organise and co-ordinate tournaments before events take place, this gives a substantial advantage when planning and allows for even smoother running tournaments at events. The list of industry partners recognising GameOn as an official UK LAN Party grows and sees the start of tournaments with substantial prizes, ranging from the latest GFX cards to small form factor PC systems.

2005 - 2011 - GameOn gains a huge smile...

Constant market research and close communication with its community proves to GameOn that providing customer service and satisfaction is crucial, especially in a virtual marketplace. Everyday GameOn strives to provide the best possible services to all of its customers. The GameOn team is always committed to several large scale community and industry projects that keep GameOn very busy. Every year is planned each step of the way in an effort to maintain focus on the goals that have to be achieved for the continual success and operation of the GameOn Network.

GameOn and the team want to give its customers and communities the very best of everything they can offer, steps are being taken to broaden the products and services that GameOn can offer not only on the web but at GameOn events too.

This gives GameOn customers a shot at some big prize money and recognition of their skill.

Due to numerous conflicts with other services using the name or terminology of "GameOn" to promote their services, sites amongst others, GameOn took the motion to change their name and thus "GameGrin" was born. With a cheeky smile.

2011 - Present

GameGrin contines to provide light-hearted, yet fair and unbiased reviews, previews and news from not only the gaming world, but from other media as well as we start to see more of a cross over between film, television and video games. Covering many of the UK and Europe's various exhibitions from smaller faire such as MCM, right up to the 'big-players' of gamescom and E3.

The Future

GameGrin is highly motivated to strengthen and enhance itself, developing business relations with key industries surrounding its community and developing community based products and services that give the customer the best deal. Continued support from the community and hard work from the GameGrin team is required for the GameGrin Network and its community to grow, GameGrin believes in both and intends to make the best attempt at being a one-stop-shop for gamers worldwide.

The Team

The GameGrin team is a close-knit group of dedicated professionals and hardcore gamers, focused on bringing its community and customers the best possible service and experience. GameGrin's foundation is built on the volunteers from the community that make up the team. GameGrin wouldn't be where it is today without these special people and their passion for GameGrin and what it stands for. The team's dreams and goals keep things focused in order to evolve the GameGrin Network and its community.

The Community

GameGrin believes one of many reasons for its continual success is the community of people it has brought together and that one of the main attractions of a LAN party is the opportunity for people to socialise with friends and at the same time, play the latest and greatest multiplayer games in a perfect gaming environment. GameGrin has invested a great deal of time and effort providing its community with the things it requires. The GameGrin message board is a community in its own right, a mix of GameGrin regulars and people from all over the Internet drawn by what the GameGrin community offers.

GameGrin is passionate about its community and it shows.