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ROCCAT is the newest headset I’ve been sent to try out because I like wireless headsets. Inside the box there is: ROCCAT SYN PRO AIR Headset, Removable Microphone, USB-C Charging Cable, USB-C Adaptor, USB-A Transmitter, and the Quick-Start Guide.

At first I was a little worried about trying out a new headset due to being a huge fan of the SteelSeries headset that I have always used. With the ROCCAT SYN PRO AIR (ROCCAT SYN for short) I had to do a lot of adjusting the sound options, which I have never had to do before now. I prefer to just plug in and it's all set up for me with no hassle, but once it was all set up in the ROCCAT app Swarm, I looked through all the settings and I got so confused about what to do. For instance there is a setting called SUPERHUMAN HEARING: Picture below. It boosts the volume which isn’t really explained anywhere.


I did have a little issue with the volume on my PC with my old headset. I had it set to 20% and only turned it up slightly once playing Dead by Daylight, but with the ROCCAT SYN I had to have the volume set to 30% with a lot of adjusting the audio in Swarm: Picture seen below.


I managed to settle with it for now but I think I still have a lot of playing around with it to do.

Because my head is a little small I thought I would ask our editor to see if it would fit him seeing as he has a big head compared to me. He said it was a little uncomfortable, so maybe it is not suitable for large heads. It has a solid plastic headband with a spongy bit along the underneath, so there isn’t a lot of room for expansion.

Another little issue I did have was while it was plugged in at some point I could hear a rhythmic ticking sound coming from the left ear cup and I had our editor double check to make sure it wasn't my ear. When we unplugged and replugged, it had stopped which was strange.

I do like the ROCCAT SYN as it lets me have quite a bit of bass, and the battery does last ages and also while playing my music. Even while listening to music and playing a game the headset still sat at 75% for quite a while.

ROCCAT SYN PRO AIR is currently priced at £129.99/$149.99 and it is also compatible with PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, and Android.



If your looking for a little bass and alot of sound ROCCAT SYN PRO AIR might be the ideal headset for you.

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Anna Duncan

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