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Roctagons Review

Roctagons Review

Calling all people who enjoyed the hacking mechanics in the Bioshock series: I found a mobile title for us to test our skills. Roctagons is very much hacking training for that amazing series, and yes, hacking is fun. Even better, this puzzle game is very similar to brain training games that can be found on such websites as Lumosity.com. Titles that have similar concepts to ones with a focus on the brain, problem solving, and memory are always worth a look.


There isn’t much to this game, it’s basically what was said earlier. Basically you’re matching up paths between two homes sitting inside octagons. They are in opposite corners of the four sided puzzle at a diagonal and the octagons between them have different paths that can link up to make a connection between the homes. Some levels are all white octagons which all move independent of one another while others have white as well as yellow, red, green, or even blue pairs included. These colorful pairs will move in sync, meaning you will have to pay attention to how both rotate rather than just one. In addition, these pairs don’t need to be right next to one another.

The difficulty goes up to 10x10, though currently it looks like only one through seven have levels. Hopefully the last three will get updated soon. Roctagons does have ads, but for me they didn’t kick in until the third difficulty, and they were quick to get rid of. There is a timer for each level that counts up to show how long the puzzle takes you. It also counts your moves. The pieces move clockwise and if you accidentally click one one rotation past you wanted the piece aligned, you will pay the price and have to go completely around again.


There are hints, and they only seem to cost one move. This is probably the one area I would really adjust. If the price of a hint is as much as a wrong move, the hint is the easier way to go. Yes, that means the player doesn’t technically solve the puzzle, but it is fast. I would make each hint cost in an escalating manner, starting at three moves and increasing one move in cost from there each time it is used. Hints are good, but I prefer to have them largely discouraged and only to be used when desperate.

All in all, this title developed by Jesse Moreland and rated for everyone, is a fun puzzle game that’s quick to get in and out of. Roctagons is good to have on hand for when you just have a few spare minutes. As the concept is similar to some brain and memory training games, I don’t see how playing it would be too bad for your health either. This is one to give a shot for sure. Like I said, if you liked hacking in the Bioshock series, then I would definitely give this game a try.

7.50/10 7½

This game is good, with a few negatives.

A good, challenging puzzle game that's quick to get into. If you liked hacking in the Bioshock series, then you'll love this game. It's a great way to practice!

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