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Stardew Valley Bundles Guide part 4: Bulletin Board

Stardew Valley Bundles Guide part 4: Bulletin Board

Welcome to part four of the Stardew Valley guide to the Community Centre. So far, I’ve covered the Crafts Room, the Pantry, and the Fish Tank bundles. Today I’ll be looking at the Bulletin Board; although the Boiler Room opens up earlier, it’s also a much smaller bundle set, so I’ve tied that one together with the Vault and the completion section in the upcoming final part of this guide series.

Bulletin Board run down

Bulletin Board (run-down)

The Bulletin Board becomes available after any three individual bundles have been completed. Unlike the other sections, the Bulletin Board requires items from a wide range of sources, utilising various skills and even a little bit of miscellany!

If you are playing with Remixed bundles enabled, then you will get a random selection of five from the list below — nothing is guaranteed! Make sure to check which bundles are present in your game before running off to grab everything.

With the exception of the Dye Bundle, all bundles below are the same every time they appear. Since nothing is guaranteed, I’ll list each set in alphabetical order.

Chef’s Bundle

Classic and Remixed — 6/6 items needed

Chefs Bundle

Gus’ specialty is on the menu here! The items required are generally related to food, at least in description.

  • Maple Syrup: Attach a tapper to a maple tree and wait for around 9–10 days! As I mentioned in the Crafts Room part of this guide, it’s best if you use a tree at the Bus Stop or in the Forest.
  • Fiddlehead Fern: Another foragable mentioned in part one, these ferns are mostly found in the Secret Woods during Summer, and on special prehistoric floors in the Desert’s Skull Cavern.
  • Truffle: You’ll be needing a fully upgraded Barn for this, as truffles are only found by pigs. As long as they are kept fed, pigs will randomly dig up truffles throughout the day! Remember that animals won’t go outside in Winter, however.
  • Poppy: One of the flowers from the Pantry section, poppy seeds must be sown in Summer, taking one week to fully grow.
  • Maki Roll: You can cook this dish in your farmhouse once you’ve paid Robin to upgrade it at least once. The recipe is learned from the Queen of Sauce on Summer 21, Year 1; make sure to watch it! You’ll need one fish (any will do), a clump of seaweed, and a bag of rice to make this.
  • Fried Egg: Another cooked dish! This one is a bit easier, with the recipe being learned by default. Cooking it requires any single egg (not including dinosaur eggs).

Children’s Bundle

Remixed only — 3/4 items needed

Childrens Bundle

As you might expect from a bundle dedicated to Jas and Vincent, you'll be searching for sweet things and a toy here!

  • Ancient Doll: This is an artifact, and as such is somewhat rare. With some luck, you can find one by digging up artifact spots at the Mountain, Bus Stop, Forest or in Pelican Town. You can also occasionally find one in fishing treasure chests, or in treasure troves (which are mostly found by trading omni geodes to the Desert trader).
  • Ice Cream: A cooked dish, although I feel “cooked” is a bit of a strong word in this case! The recipe is sent by mail from Jodi when at seven or more hearts of friendship with her; making it requires one jar of any milk and one bag of sugar. Alternatively, you can buy ice cream from Alex’s stand near the museum (at the bottom-right corner of Pelican Town) on most sunny days in Summer!
  • Cookie: Who doesn’t like cookies? The recipe to make these tasty treats is learned during Evelyn’s four-heart event; whipping up a single batch will take one egg, one bag of sugar, and one box of wheat flour. Your next option to find some is to check out the rubbish bin outside Evelyn’s house in Town, as sometimes you can find one in there. Alternatively, Evelyn may simply send them to you by mail occasionally instead of throwing them away if she likes you enough. Finally, if your character is male, you’ll be sent one by your dear mother once your total earnings are more than 5,000g.
  • 10 Salmonberries: A nice, easy option to round off this list, you’ll find salmonberries on bushes all over the place from 15–18 Spring.

If you have this bundle, the easiest options are usually the food items, unless you’ve managed to garner yourself an extra doll or two.

Dye Bundle

Classic and Remixed — 6/6 items needed

Dye Bundle

This bundle will always follow the same format when it shows up; one item (chosen randomly) from each pairing will be required. With Classic bundles, it’ll always be the first item of the pairing.

  • Red Mushroom (Red pair): You’ll have a few choices for this one: special floors in the Mines, visiting the Secret Woods during Summer or Fall, or the farm’s cave if you chose the mushroom option.
  • Beet (Red pair): Mosey on over to the Desert during Fall and pick up some seeds from Sandy; they take six days to grow.
  • Sea Urchin (Purple pair A): You’ll find these spiky shells over at the Beach. They’re over on the right side when they spawn though, so you’ll have to repair the bridge with 300 wood first!
  • Amaranth (Purple pair A): Another Fall crop, the seeds for this one can be bought from Pierre’s or JojaMart in Pelican Town. They grow in seven days, and must be harvested with a scythe.
  • Sunflower (Yellow pair): Flowers grown in Summer and Fall, taking eight days to bloom. Remember that the seeds cost less at JojaMart!
  • Starfruit (Yellow pair): The most valuable crop in the game! The seeds are on sale in the Desert, and they grow in 13 days during Summer. You’ll also get a single seed for free after donating any 15 items to the museum.
  • Duck Feather (Green pair): Shockingly, you can get these from sheep! Nah, just kidding, they come from ducks. You’ll need a Coop that has been upgraded at least once to house it in. With high enough friendship, eventually you’ll find one of these glossy offerings in place of an egg.
  • Cactus Fruit (Green pair): Schleep your way over to the Desert and hunt around a little, and it's likely that you'll find one of these on the floor. Failing that, Sandy will sell seeds that only grow indoors, if you’ve finished the Pantry bundles.
  • Aquamarine (Blue pair): You’ll find these occasionally during your time spelunking in the Mines. They can also be acquired rarely from fishing treasure chests!
  • Blueberry (Blue pair): A tasty Summer crop, these grow in 13 days. As a bonus, they’re also quite profitable!
  • Red Cabbage (Purple pair B): Yep, for some reason there’s two sets of purple items on this list. Red cabbages can be grown on your farm in Summer, in nine days; however the catch here is that the seeds aren’t available until Year 2. If you want to try and complete things faster, keep an eye on the Travelling Cart, and hope for the best!
  • Iridium Bar (Purple pair B): Take five iridium ore, throw them into a furnace with a lump of coal, and wait several hours. Iridium ore is easiest to find in the Desert’s Skull Cavern, although rarely you’ll get lucky and find some in magma and omni geodes! It can also be found — albeit VERY rarely — in the Mines at level 100+ or in the Quarry.

Enchanter’s Bundle

Classic and Remixed — 4/4 items needed

Enchanters Bundle

Ok, I’ll be honest here; I don’t know how or why these items correspond to the Wizard. Maybe these are ingredients for some mysterious spell?

  • Oak Resin: Get yourself a tapper, attach it to an oak tree, and wait for around seven days. As with all tapped trees, keep them safe from lightning by utilising one not on the farm!
  • Wine: Any type of wine will do here, so grab any piece of fruit and introduce it to a keg. It’ll take around seven days to ferment!
  • Rabbit’s Foot: You’ll need a fully upgraded Coop in order to house rabbits. Make sure to pet your rabbits every day, as high friendship is helpful in getting one of these lucky charms.
  • Pomegranate: Pomegranate trees take 28 days to grow and bear fruit in Fall, so make sure to get one and plant it before the end of Summer. Alternatively, if you chose the fruit bat option for the farm cave, one may occasionally be left there by your blind buddies. If the Pantry has been completed, fruit trees can also be planted in the greenhouse, and will bear fruit all year round when fully grown.

Field Research Bundle

Classic and Remixed — 4/4 items needed

Field Research Bundle

Local scientist and father Demetrius wants to study a wide range of specimens from the Valley. Luckily, nothing here is terribly difficult to procure!

  • Purple Mushroom: Making an unprecedented third appearance in these guides, the purple mushroom can sometimes be found in the Mines on special floors, and in the farm cave if you chose the mushroom option.
  • Nautilus Shell: These ancient shells can be found at the Beach, but only during Winter. Make sure you don’t get it mixed up with the nautilus fossil artifact!
  • Chub: Chubs are incredibly common fish, and can be found in both the Mountain lake and the Forest river. They are present at all times of day, in any weather, and during any season!
  • Frozen Geode: Grab your pickaxe and head to the Mines; specifically the colder section of floors 41–79. Smash apart rocks and you’ll find these randomly!

Fodder Bundle

Classic and Remixed — 3/3 items needed

Fodder Bundle

Animal lovers will recognise the items needed for this bundle, as they’re useful for keeping four-legged or feathered friends fed. Although, not really in Stardew Valley, as they only eat grass and hay!

  • 10 Wheat: Wheat grows in Summer and Fall, taking a mere four days to do so. You’ll need a scythe to harvest it!
  • 10 Hay: The easiest way to get hay though is to simply buy it from Marnie, at 50g per piece. Alternatively, whilst you’re gathering the wheat needed for this bundle you may also get some hay as a bonus!
  • 3 Apples: As with pomegranates, apple trees bear fruit in Fall. Plant the tree before the end of Summer to ensure you have enough time to get all three! Again, fruit trees can also grow in the greenhouse once the Pantry is all finished.

Forager’s Bundle

Remixed only — 2/3 items needed

Foragers Bundle

Coming as no surprise to anyone who knows Linus, everything for this bundle can be found growing naturally around the Valley.

  • 50 Salmonberries: These grow all over the place on bushes, but only from 15–18 Spring. You’ll get more berries per bush at higher Foraging levels!
  • 50 Blackberries: The mid-year version of salmonberries, these are available from 8–11 Fall. You can also find them scattered around Pelican Town, the Forest, and the Railroad for the entirety of Fall.
  • 20 Wild Plums: These can be found by foraging at the Bus Stop, Railroad, Backwoods, and Mountain during Fall.

My recommendations for this bundle would be the 50 Salmonberries and 50 Blackberries, as both are very easy to get in high numbers whilst the bushes are in season.

Home Cook’s Bundle

Remixed only — 3/3 items needed

Home Cooks Bundle

As an aspiring amateur chef, Jodi is well acquainted with the ingredients she needs. Apparently, she mostly makes cakes, based on the bundle…

  • 10 Eggs (any): Get your Coop all feathered out, any combination of the following eggs work, so long as you have 10 in total: (white) eggs, (brown) eggs, (white) large eggs, (brown) large eggs, void eggs, and duck eggs. Dinosaur eggs will not work.
  • 10 Milk (any): At least the options are udderly easier to type out this time! Milk, large milk, goat milk, and large goat milk all work, again in any combination and number.
  • 100 Wheat Flour: There are two ways to obtain wheat flour. The first is simply by buying it from Pierre’s or JojaMart in Pelican Town, and the second is by using a Mill to grind up wheat that you grow yourself. The latter option is overall cheaper, but is a little more time and work investment!

Bulletin Board repaired

Bulletin Board (repaired)

With all five bundles finished, the Junimos will fix up most of the main room in the community centre. You’ll also receive some mail the next day thanking you for your generosity, and your friendship with all 10-heart villagers (i.e. those you can’t date) will increase by exactly two hearts. The power of kindness!

Despite this being part 4, the Bulletin Board is often the final set of bundles one will complete. What happens when you’re finished? I’ll cover that next time! Until then, let me know how helpful you found this, and remember to check out the other parts if you’re in need of aid.

Stardew Valley Bundles Guide
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